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Four Quadrant Films, launches in Melbourne with director, Mark Stephen Williams, at the helm.

AFTER A SEVEN YEAR STINT creating digital film content for global agencies, BBDO New York, Impact Proximity, Keko of London and McCann FP7 in Dubai, film director, Mark Stephen Williams, is calling Melbourne home with new content shop, Four Quadrant Films.

Specialising in social and online branded content, Williams says that Four Quadrant Films fills in the gap between cheap disposable online content and thematic brand advertising. 

‘Agencies and brands demand the same cinematic touch to their online and digital work as they get in their TVCs, but at far lower budgets -and that’s where we shine. We bring a cinematic, highly visual style of storytelling that makes modestly-budgeted films feel big.’  

Mark Stephen Williams, Director

With an accent on crafted visuals across more than 400 films for brands such as GE, GM, Toyota, Unilever, P&G, Canon, Bentley and Dyson, Williams says the secret to the most effective content is not so much cinematic craft but clarity of message.

‘We’re back to the age of the silent movie again with mobile phones. Our audiences rarely have the volume up as they commute, so we have to nail a story purely in visuals in less than 10 shots. We’ve got their attention for seconds, so clarity of message is the biggest challenge,’ he said.  

Williams won a Guinness record in 2014 with Unilever for ‘Share a Touch of Love’, a social media CSR campaign in Dubai that saw a quarter of a million items of clothing collected for the region’s refugees. For him, engagement is about triggering emotions.

‘Social content needs to be inherently emotional to really work well. Humour is tough to get right and often doesn’t work, but a heartfelt film with a universal theme touches everyone. Brands get trolled less and there’s a far greater chance of a viewer hitting that elusive share button.’


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