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Five and a half lessons filmmaking in Dubai

OPINION PIECE – B&T BANDT.COM.AU 30 SEPT – LANDING IN MELBOURNE after seven years in Dubai I felt like Frodo returning to the Shire. Victorious, sure, but changed too. Scarred even. Let’s just say experiences were experienced and lessons were learned. Creating branded content for brands like Bentley, GM, GE and Coca Cola, a few have lessons stuck with me. Lesson 1 – Culture is local, but emotion is universal I was once briefed to create a Ramadan film for […]

CASE STUDY – How two still images became a luxury apartment

WHEN ONE OF THE WORLD’S BIGGEST real estate developers chose director, Mark Stephen Williams, to create a film to showcase a new luxury development, there was a slight problem.  Their marketing team had allocated a budget of just $30,000 and only had two low res architectural renders of their new concept. ‘With no actual building and no budget for VFX, we knew we needed to create a story. The development was next to Dubai’s Opera House, and without anything visual […]

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CASE STUDY – Jif cleans up with innovative content

UNILEVER HOME CARE’S Jif brief to Director, Mark Williams, would change the brand’s fortunes -with a YouTube pre-roll campaign featuring 75 unique film executions. Aiming to reach the broadest possible online audience, the campaign’s premise was that as a total cleaning solution, there was no barrier to what other content the product could be associated with.  After Google provided the team the region’s top YouTube search terms, Williams then crafted dozens of unique creative executions based on the theme ‘For […]

CASE STUDY – The ‘World’s Most Boring Film’

WORKING WITH FP7 DUBAI and in-house producers, Mint, Director, Mark Williams, created a mammoth 23-hour film for Facebook and YouTube for Unilever brand, OMO. The idea was to make it deliberately boring -to wake parents up to the fact that kids today are ‘the least active kids ever. FP7’s strategy worked; the campaign went on to win a gold and three silver Effies, a Dubai Lynx Gold and a Cannes shortlist. Yet, bringing the strategy to life would be a […]

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